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Caryn Dreyfuss
City Cove Realty
PO Box 1234
Rangeley, ME 04970
Office (207) 864-2500 x205
Cell (207) 233-8275
Fax (207) 498-7358

Rangeley Lakes,
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Tips for selling your home in the Rangeley Region of Maine

sold real estate in Rangeley MaineA seller should never underestimate the importance of making a good first impression on a potential buyer. Here are a few simple tips that can help increase your homes appeal and value.

An Appealing Exterior

  • Landscaping

  • Mow the Grass and Trim Back the Shrubs

  • Park Extra Cars Away From the Property

  • Apply a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint if Necessary

  • Clean Windows and Window Coverings

  • Keep Plumbing and All Appliances in Working Order

  • Maintain All Sealants (Sink, Tub, Window, Shower, Etc.)

  • Make Sure Roof and Gutters are in Good Condition

A Clean and Inviting Interior

  • Make Your House Anonymousť

  • Remove Clutter

  • Keep the Kitchen and Bathroom Spotless

  • Vacuum Carpets and Keep Floor Surfaces Clean

  • Put Dishes and Laundry Away

  • Make Beds

  • Open Drapes and Turn On Lights to Enhance the Atmosphere

  • Keep Closets Neat

  • Put Toys Away

  • Keep Pets Out of the Way

  • Put Jewelry, Cash, Medications and Other Valuables Away

Types of Listing Contracts

  • Open Listings

  • One-Time Show

  • Exclusive Agency Listings

  • Exclusive Right to Sell

Details of a Listing Contract

  • Price and Terms of Sale

  • Real Estate Commission

  • Multiple Listing Service

  • Agency and Salesperson Responsibilities

  • Resolving Disputes with your Agent

Marketing Your House

  • The Multiple Listing Service

  • Real Estate Office Advertising

  • Individual Agent Advertising

  • The For Sale Sign

  • Flyers and the Brochure Box

  • Open Houses

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